International workshop in Berlin: august 2017


An international course will be administered by Giovanni Foresti and Paola Omodeo Zorini (Italy)
Clown is “clandestine” when he doesn’t declare his nature as a Clown.
Clown could be some guy, whoever: just any man, with his stupidity and his astonishment, weakness, limits, failed attempts to look pretty, elegant and interesting.
Pierre Byland, with Jacques Lecoq, discovered and revealed the essence of the New Clown, who is “clandestine” when he doesn’t wear his red nose.
Clandestine Clown can be a pretext for working on acting, writing and directing with the possibility of an immediate verification through the contact with the public.

FINAL PERFORMANCE August 20, at the BERLIN LACHT festival:
At the end of the course students present a performance created during clandestine clown class, the performance theme will be developed during the workshop.

DATE: 18, 19, 20.08.17
MAX: 30 Enrolled
LANGUAGE: English, italian, french and portuguese
MINIMUN AGE: 16 years
Giovanni Foresti and Paola Omodeo Zorini
Luciana Arcuri and Peti Costa
Luciana Arcuri

PRICE: 300,00 (*10% until 31.07)

(portuguese, italien)

Giovanni Foresti
For more than twenty years he has conducted research on theatrical communication in Europe and Brazil.

He formed with Louis Mendonca, Pierre Byland, Mareike Schnitker, Philippe Gaulier, Jean-Paul Denizon, Bepi Monai, Boris Ruge, Ian Algie, Annika Strøhm and Saba Salvemini, Mauro Piombo, Philip Radice and Jango Edwards. At the theater, was a political official and cultural organizer.

He has been working with Pierre Byland for years in the Clown's Research Stories. With the Compagnie Les Fusains he worked in 2011 at the Théâtre de l'Épée de Bois in Paris in "MasterKlass", a show featured by Byland in the "Le Clown fait le Byland" Festival.

He was co-star and co-producer of "The Wind Turns On" (2004) directed by Giorgio Rights, a film that has been around the world and has been a cinematic "case". He also worked as an actor and actor coach in the film "Even the Deaths of Dancing" by Beppe Calopresti, made in collaboration with a Psychiatric Center and recently has participated in Emanuele Caruso's feature film "It was evening and in the morning".