OUCLOUPO (Ouvroir de Clown Potentiel)

in cooperation with

Associazione BOULIGAR and Centro Polifunzionale LOU POURTOUN

with the support of the City of OSTANA (CN)

presents the theatrical workshop


with Giovanni Foresti and Paola Omodeo Zorini

OSTANA (Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy)

Monday, June 26th to Saturday, July 1st, 2017

The workshop is aimed at actors training and has as its reference point the pedagogy Clown clandestine according to Pierre Byland, the study of neutrality and the techniques of street art.

The “clandestine” is a hidden clown, unknown, with no tricks, no red nose, or any other mask, can be anyone walking by the street, but, the way he walks, his actions, his energy is a little bit strange, and the persons gets in doubt: is it true? Is it a lay? Who is it? What is happening?

The “clandestine” clown is a pedagogical opportunity for the actor to experiment his presence and his ability to grip the audience, tell a story, make the best use of scenic space, interact with other actors and with environment around him and play to double game of theatre, balanced between reality and fiction.

In the theatre or on a film set, these elements will be useful to the actor as reference points to become director of himself and to find the essence of his actions in the repertoire of human languages that we all have.

• The Neutral mask: neutrality, energy, rhythm, listening, choir.
• Techniques of improvisation: listening of the public, stop time, the game of the looks.
• The Tragedy: urgency and truth of theatrical language.
• The Clandestine Clown: the hidden clown, without red nose.
• Moments of work in the street, theatrical space as well as natural field for the actors and place of training and experimentation in contact with the public.


Minimum 18 years old.

This workshop is addressed to theatre, dance and circus professionals, as well as to all people who are strongly motivated by work on the Clown, but also to those who think to have no talent and that think not to be able to learn acting.


Monday, June 26th to Saturday, July 1st, 2017, 6 days, 6 hours per day

10am – 6pm


GIOVANNI FORESTI, italian actor, pedagogue, director. Working with researching for more than 20 years of clown and theatrical communication. Assistant of Pierre Byland, with whom he has developed a rich professional experience creating theatrical shows and street performance.

He has been second lead and co-producer in the film “"Il vento fa il suo giro" (director Giorgio Diritti) and member of the Company Les Fusains (Paris). For over a decade conducts an artistic and pedagogical research on “clandestine” clown through workshops and creations in Europe and Brazil with Paola Omodeo Zorini, actress, clown and co-author of performances and shows.

They founded together the Oucloupo (Ouvroir de Clown Potentiel) and with Albert Nicolet, Swiss director and actor, the Compagnie Sans Domicile Fixe. In Italy, they cooperate with Companies Il Ciabotto and Teatro del Fiasco as directors and actors.


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The territory of Ostana is very interesting to discover and offers many possibilities: